Garden Club

Our first club meet on Feb. 25 was so much fun. I am trying to keep them simple. I am trying to keep life simple, which is hard too often, but I think the idea of a garden club ought be very, very simple and easy and fun and cool. The next club meet is Tuesday, March 25 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at The Center, downtown Springville.


In February, we talked about seeds, heirloom and hybrid varieties, lots of questions about compost, got to know each other a little bit, got to know each other’s gardens a little bit, ate some tasty kale salad and everyone went home with a pony pak of seeds they had just planted.

The questions about soil and composting determined the subject for March’s club meet. Now, what kind of project should we do? We meet in the Center, which is also a yoga/pilates/massage and lecture center in downtown Springville. So we can’t get all crazy with dirt, even if I do bring a tarp for the beautiful polished wood floor (which I will). Hmmmm. I’ll think of something. The great thing about Springville is we have all kinds of soil types and conditions in a very small area. All three of my farm gardens are in different soils, but all within 3 miles of each other.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We may start meeting out in the garden. There may be field trips. There probably will always be some great food to munch on, fresh from the garden.

I love this group. I hope it continues. I need a minimum each month to pay the rental fee, etc. You’re invited! Return to the home page for info and to register.

Here’s our schedule (there may be some changes. If you come, you get to have a say too in what we learn about each month):

March 25: Soil & Compost

April 29: Herbs, Fruit trees and other “non veggie” edibles

May 27: Weeds, disease, insects – good things and bad about them all

June 24 – Containers and small-space gardening

July 29 – Organic & Sustainable Gardening – the latest news & ideas

August 26- Water

September 30- Cool Season Veggies

October 28 – Storing & Preserving the Harvest

November 25 – Season Extenders: hoops, caps, tents and more!

December 30 – no workshop

January 2015 – Winter gardens, planning & clean up tips

February 2015- seeds and transplants



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