Garden Club Workshops

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa year of gardening community and education

the last Tuesday of every month

5:30-6:30 p.m.


@ The Center, Springville CA

35621 Hwy 190


(559) 313- 6076

About Our Farm:

Auntie’s Home Grown Farm is located in the foothills of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. I started the farm in 2008. I already have a full-time career as owner of Quercus Landscape Design  , so the farm was intended to be small, a “micro-farm,” and something to complement my work with California native plants. It’s under ten acres. Well under.

        It’s great to grow food for my small community. I am so fortunate to have wonderful property owners who have agreed to lease small plots on their properties for me to farm at. The goal is to have 6 of these; 3 seems to be the most I can do. Yup, it’s just me. I had help early on (great help!), but since last summer I’ve been doing the grunt work, the bookkeeping, the advertising, and this blog site! My dad helps sometimes. My mom helps sell at the market. I am helped by many others,  when they buy my produce, send complements and in lots of other small and large ways. It’s great to be a small farmer, even when it’s a lot of work, even when the gophers eat half your crop, even when there are more tomatoes than customers and I have to can/freeze/dehydrate/roast/make sauce and everything else I could think of pretty much around the clock to avoid wasting all those beautiful fruit (that really happened last summer.)

Our Farm in 3 Parts:

Auntie’s Home Grown at Dad’s: my first block. I started with Heirloom Tomatoes and Mixed Greens, which remain our specialties.

Auntie’s Home Grown at Emma’s Place:  This block is near town, bordered by tall trees and a small water way so its warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. A nice alluvial patch of granite-based top soil. It had been the home’s kitchen garden before and had lots of organic material, so it has proved very productive. This is my legally “organically-grown” block. It’s not certified, but I use only certified organic seeds, OMRI listed products or inputs listed by at least one of the major certifiers as approved for organic crops.

Auntie’s Home Grown at Edward’s Orchards: Broke ground on this one in spring of 2012. It’s about 1/4 planted. It was covered with knee-high weeds, but also surrounded by a rabbit and deer deterring fence and has abundant Ag. water year-round. Plus it sure is pretty out there. Outside of town, a little higher, in a great alluvial Valley near the Tule River. Deep soil, very fertile. I’m expecting big things.

Where You Can Buy Our Produce:

Beginning in March, our produce will be available Saturdays at the Springville Farmers Market, downtown Springville.

I welcome comments, requests and questions! See you soon!

Peyton Ellas, owner


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  1. This week at the Market 8/10 and 11

    We will be open and inside the White Barn due to the Heat, Should be nice and cool, come and join us.

    We will have from Grimmway Farms

    Green Beans ! These will be the last for the season
    Red and Yellow onions
    Romaine Lettuce
    Red Potatoes
    Russet Potatoes
    Black Kale

    Sun Smiling Mushrooms

    From Edwards Orchards

    Our Elberta Yellow peaches are in and sweet
    Our Gala apples will also be in.

    With this of course are the peach and apple pies

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