This Week at the Market – 4/7/12


I expect to have bagged mixed gourmet baby greens, again with more broccoli than red mustard, now that Spring is in full-swing.  Maybe some radishes and more arugula. Come early (market opens at 9) and we appreciate small or exact change, ’cause we are small and exacting farmers.

We’ve got carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, potatoes, onions, garlic, peas in the ground.

We’ll be planting tomatoes, peppers and all other warm-season crops in the coming weeks.

Yes, we plan on having the vegetable (tomato, artichoke, cardoon) seedlings again, grown by local gardeners here in Springville. Look for them at the Quercus booth, with the native and other ornamental plants.

From Ralph:

“We will be moving up to the “kitchen” area of the barn unless rain drowns us out. Look for the signs and open gates.

We have ordered from Cal Organic “Grimmway Farms”

Jumbo Yellow Onions
Green onions
Iceberg Lettuce
Red Lettuce
Potatoes are still away’s out and so is spinach but, will keep you posted.

Look forward to serving you all.”

I’ve invited other market vendors to leave comments to this post with what they’ll have, so check comments below if interested.

Thanks, and see  you Saturday!


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